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wanted to say something about Rucchin

Alright, i'm assuming the ducks got rid of rucchin to save some cap space, correct me if im wrong. all i wanted to say was that rucchin put in a lot of time and im kinda sad to see him go. i just wanted to say that i respected the guy, anyone else agree?
and i also wanted to know who else is freaking excited to see the neidermayer bros playing this season! go ducks!
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I was extremely disappointed to hear that Rucchin was gone. He took a lot of crap when the team wasn't doing so well during the last season they played. I think a lot of the fans blamed him somehow, since he was the captain, and that's unfair. It was obvious to me that he put his heart and soul into the team, and he never seemed to get any appreciation for it. Any word on who the new team captain is?

As for the brothers...I don't know too much about Scott, so I don't know what to expect. Let's hope he's a great asset to the team!


September 20 2005, 11:09:03 UTC 11 years ago

i would be surprised if fedorov wasn't named teh new captain... 2 reasons: 1) probably biggest asset at the moment (other than JS and scott n. ) and 2) there aren't many players on teh team that have been on the team for a long time (which is why rucchin was the captain when fed came and kariya left). as for not knowing what toe xpect from niedermayer, put it this way, he was the captain of the devils... ^.^ so he is definitely a huge asset
I'm hoping to get to a game soon. And until then, hoping they figure out a way to get the TV stuff out to Vegas
i'd love to go to a game but im from southern ontario -_-; so i'd go to a toronto anaheim game if they came to TO, which would be cool, but its hard to get a ride :(

I am sad to see Rooch go - especially because he seems upset by it (understandably so). Hopefully, he will like it in NY.

I am thrilled that the Nieders are together now and will be at the opening game against Chicago in October!!