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gahh 4th in the division!

sorry for the lack of updates, missed a few games as I was out of town.. no reason to add the scores now though.. so starting tomorrow everything should be up and running..

few things..

How about Fedorov!! First Russian born player to reach over 1,000 points! Go Fed!

Giguere is finally starting to show his playoff self winning 3 of his last 5 and more of his wins are showing with the Ducks winning by more than one goal!

Sykora & Prospal are starting to shine as well, hopefully this is a good sign for the ducks..

Last, how about the Ducks overall!! Ever since Carney made his little speech about having to win 20 of their next 30, the Ducks have only lost once! Last nights win over Vancouver put the ducks ahead overall of Dallas & took 4th place in their division.. keep it up and we MAY see playoff birth.. San Jose is on a roll though so things could get a bit rough..

Anyway, its good to be back and expect full updates after tomorrows win!
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